Monday, 5 August 2013

What's A Good Curling Iron?

Using a good curling iron can really prove to be beneficial for your hair, but what is it about these curling irons that make them good? Most of them are professional quality as this guarantees fast heating and a superior performance which is the perfect recipe for soft, shiny and silky curls. But there's a lot more to a good curling iron than speed and efficiency.

A good curling iron is made with a pure ceramic barrel or wand for better and safer heating that will protect your hair while styling. This is possible thanks to ceramic's natural far-infrared heat which warms the hair from the inside to seal in natural oils and promote moisture for healthier locks. Ceramic also has a natural ionic component which releases negative ions to neutralize the positive ions present in dry and frizzy manes. By doing this, your hair will be smoothed and the cuticles sealed for a glossy effect. Plus, this ionic component cuts down on heating and curling time for faster results and longer lasting curls.

These heating technologies are just the beginning of a good curling iron; the rest includes its power and design. The ideal temperature for a curling iron is 410°F which is just right for fast curling and beautiful results for any type of hair. There are many brands that include an adjustable heat setting which is even better since you'll be able to set the correct temperature for your hair. As for the design, for an effortless curling experience look for a model that is light and comfortable for an easy and swift use.

The design also depends on the type of curling iron you choose, which in the case of the traditional spring curling iron should include a sturdy clip to avoid breakage. Yes, a spring curling iron is a good choice, but forget about a good curling iron and let's talk about an excellent curling iron. By this we mean a clipless curling iron like the Karmin Salon Pro Clipless Curling Iron which boasts a pure ceramic and tourmaline barrel for protective heating and extra negative ions for faster results and impressive curling. This slim and elegant model is perfect not only for curling but for creating waves and any other curly style you can think of. That's the beauty of a clipless curling iron, it's incredibly versatile and you can wield it however you want.

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